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The first two she restrained with elastic and steel; the latter she hid in buoyant skirts which swished in a very feminine fashion just below the curve of her gross calf. Because of the constant hurly-burly of her skirts—and this was pure art—none of her friends noticed the expanse of her peasant ankles nor the breadth of her large feet. It had been quite a shock to Mark to discover on his wedding night that his bride, after shedding the artful, bouffant gown and petticoats, had the lower body and limbs of a very sturdy and lustful peasant, made for the plow and the field, the chum and the barn.

Even while concentrating on these charms, the thought occurred to him that he had never seen Kathy in a bathing suit before their marriage.

Wicked Angels : A Tale of Male Adolescent Passion

The thought passed. He loved Kathy, who had such a tender, murmurous voice, such apparent innocence, such a rapturous, childish delight in all things, as she herself declared. In comparison, young Alice was nondescript, as everyone said who understood the meaning of the word. At eighteen, as she was now, she was much taller than Kathy, very much thinner, and possessed of the most graceful body and legs and long throat. But her hair was almost flaxen, and short and dense and straight about her colorless and oddly patrician face, which very few appreciated for its sculptured planes and look of cleanliness and wise purity.

Perhaps even a little, just a wee little bit, masculine. She was, in all things, in her thoughts, in her faith, in her wisdom, in her inner strength, in her compassion even for Kathy, the most womanly of women. She did not reproach herself for hating a four-year-old handsome and smiling child. That would have been hypocrisy, and alien to her nature.

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She accepted her emotions simply, and understood them fully, without illusion. She did not yearn to have a house like this one, big and expensive, with steep slated roofs, warm brick walls covered with ivy, a spacious garden, several glittering bath-rooms, and an extremely modern kitchen.

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She would have been glad to share a dusty room in an obscure rooming house with Mark Saint, and would have lain down beside him on a rickety bed with joy and contentment, her heart swelling with the deepest of passions and love, her arms held out to him to give him comfort and happiness. But no one knew this, not even the sly and astute Kathy, who preferred to call herself Katherine. But Alice had been educated in public schools, at no expense, and had been graduated, at fifteen, from preparatory school, the highest in her class.

She had then gone to Teachers College, and had covered the course in a little less than three years, and now taught school in the City. But living so close to him was beginning to mean unbearable anguish for her, and even when she visited this house she almost always came during the day and rarely encountered Mark except on special occasions. Marriage to anyone but Mark Saint was unthinkable to her eighteen-year-old and intellectual mind. The steadfastness of her love never diminished, never changed, was never diverted by any other man. They are so short! He hated the maids; he understood that his mother exploited them, and degraded them with her condescension and her general vicious treatment, and so, to him, they were mean and worthless creatures who deserved tormenting.

He liked to see them pale with anger, or color with frustration when they served him, or weep despairingly when he was particularly malicious and detestable. They enhanced his sense of importance, his belief that he stood in the center of the world, and that all was made for his own purpose. The fine kitchen was paneled in knotty pine, one wall covered with shining copper vessels of all sizes.

Romantic superlatives, extremes, and totalizing claims tend to dominate: "He was surpassing even his own beauty The alacrity with which they disappear is the very essence of their charm. What's more, Jourdan employs phrases usually used to organize the statement of objective facts, in order to buttress impressionistic claims: "In fact, my impertinence surrounded me like a halo.

But when treated as one, it contributes to the effect. Unfortunately, this beautiful sleight-of-hand, this treating of feelings like facts, has a downside. Sometimes it becomes a kind of literary autopilot for Jourdan. And you get passages like: "We were alone, almost as if we were living alone together, two boys without any feminine complications between us. It was possible, not so much because of the weakness borne of dark feelings, but from a virile attachment forged of camaraderie and love.

Because we had a virile attachment.

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A stylish initial move transforms a statement into an admission. The romance and sex never feel exploitative; nothing seems written to titillate.

Are there wicked angels?

And unlike SO many kinky stories, this story's violence is integral to the emotional arc of the story A delirious love story written out of sincerity and pain. Fini dans la nuit, fini dans le noir. Ce livre, je ne pouvais le lire que dans le calme, le silence. Je n'ai jamais rien lu de pareil. L'amour peut tuer. Jul 05, Chris rated it did not like it. Violent, tragic love story of two year-old cousins, Pierre and Gerard. Formerly banned in its native France, the previously taboo subject of adolescent love between two young males is coupled with their sadomasochistic tendencies.

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I wish I were able to say I found something redeeming in this short novel, but I quickly grew tired of the gay "Fight Club" overtone. Oct 09, Aleardo Zanghellini rated it liked it Shelves: allusively-homoerotic-to-gay-themed. First, there is an undeniable lyricism to it, or at least to certain passages.

Indeed, as I read through some particularly inspired passages, it was sometimes hard to believe that a teenage writer could have matured such insight. But this very maturity also works against the book. Esta novela hace que su lectura sea todo un placer. Mar 10, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: okay , slashreaders. SlashReaders : I picked up a copy of this book after reading an article on banned books. As the flap on the book states.

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All right, the stuff under the cut, I'm going to try really hard not to give anything away. What I am going to say however is this: This isn't a happy story, if you don't like violence within a relationship, don't read this book. If you dislike unhappy endings, don't read this book. While I suspected the ending, I was not happy with it. I feel that bothers me as well and I think SlashReaders : I picked up a copy of this book after reading an article on banned books.

I feel that bothers me as well and I think that is part of the books purpose. This book was fun, though short. But that was the charm of it at the moment, I needed something short, sweet at the to the point. Well short was right, sweet somewhat and the point hmmmm I debated for a while on what rating to put on this book.

It is beautifully written there is a lovely lyrical quality to the story of these two boys. It is a little confusing, though I think that could in part be due to translation. At points, the timeline of the book is not clear and both Gerard and Pierre flips back and forth from current to past times a little within scenes. Things being to fall much more into place when we get Gerard's half of the story. The relationship between these two boys bothers me. I think it bothers me the most because I feel like the scenes we get from before the two boys are friends don't quite mesh up with their latest relationship.

I feel that there are some inconsistencies within Gerard's character that bug me. This tale while beautiful, it reads too much like a warning story for me. A tale that warns against the trap of same sex relationships so to speak. I'm not positive as to if that was the original intent of this novella or not. But knowing the time period in which it was written, lends that possibility to it. I think that this novella over all would've read better had things been put all together. Or maybe that's simply my propensity for order within the narrative.

It worked as it is. I don't know the whole thing just bothers me. Lol, still working out all the reasons for that. At first I accreditec the confusing scene jumps to reading it on different days, but after a third of the book I caved in to read the introduction after all, in order to find out if tha constant retelling of the same, but always jumping back a week or month unclear was intentional style or just bad. Sadly, the translator only discussed the choice of words under "style", a reason for it being banned rather than subject matter since sex might be frequent, but is never really described.

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