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This view links him to Karl Marx. However, his views on socialism are different from that of Karl Marx.

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Marx saw communism as the ultimate goal for civilization and saw the working class as the group that would establish it. Veblen also contributed theoretical foundation and later helped found the Technocracy movement. He predicted that technological developments would eventually lead toward a socialistic organization of economic affairs.

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Arab Spring is a sound example for his prediction. It discusses property, ownership, status and leisure in a turn-of-the-last-century American context. Though scholars call it a "satire," the book is hardly witty or ironic.

Instead, it is a stolid analytical daguerreotype of a world long gone. In feudal cultures, the upper classes did not engage in industrial occupations. The medieval elite belonged to the leisure class. Noblemen regarded very few pursuits as honorable, most notably warfare and the priesthood. The actual productive work was done, primarily, by women and menials.


Theory of the Leisure Class (Illustrated)

This social order has its roots in the ancient origins of civilization. Only a few cultures lack a leisure class.

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Other than some bushmen, some Eskimos and a few other remote, primitive groups, most societies distinguish between those who work productively and those who do not, and award higher status to the latter. These rudimentary cultures do not seem to recognize individual property ownership. They are peaceful and friendly, not predatory. They do not rely upon warfare, or the warlike virtues of cunning, violence and deception.

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Their people seem bewildered and helpless when confronted by fraud or by force. Groups that live by hunting or war must value and reward violence.

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Being stronger, men are the ones who hunt and make war. Their reward includes the women of Start getting smarter: Email:. Rating 6 The rating — what does it mean?

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Here's what the ratings mean: 5 —Solid. For instance, it may be offer decent advice in some areas but be repetitive or unremarkable in others. Often an instant classic and must-read for everyone.