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Myth: Romance novels rely on outdated gender roles with dubious expressions of consent. The romances of old often paired a simpering virgin with a domineering man fond of ripping bodices from heaving bosoms. But just as other types of pop culture have evolved with the times, so has romance.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general, modern romance readers are too savvy to suffer sexist tropes or outdated norms. Myth: The stories are predominantly historical fiction with hunky cowboys or dashing dukes. While cowboys and dukes will probably never go out of style, the variety of main characters aka heroes and heroines on the market has exploded. Because preferences are so varied, romance is divided into sub-genres of:. Usually one or more characters are a mythological being such as vampire, demon, werewolf, alien, animal-shifter, faerie, ghost, witch, etc.

While the majority of romance novels follow heterosexual couples, the number of LGBTQ romances continues to grow. Their stories can be set in any of the above sub-genres. Myth: Romance novels are just porn for women.

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Relationships usually involve sex. However, any romance writer worth their salt knows the rule for putting sex on the page is that it has to advance the plot or character development. Just like the number of novel sub-genres, the spectrum for sexiness in romance varies widely. Being a lover of steamy novels carries no shame in the romance community! Fact: This one is actually true, but perhaps not in the way you think. Plots, characters, and conflicts vary widely, but no matter what, all romances end the same. The HEA is what characterizes a romance novel from other types of fiction with romantic elements looking at you here, Nicholas Sparks.

After working in a job that involved hearing horrific accounts of violence against women every day, I wanted to drown myself in stories where women won. I wanted to see characters overcome obstacles, break free from toxic patterns, and become the best versions of themselves.

Not because of a relationship, but at the side of a person who loved them, warts and all. Stories that embody male fantasies such as Rambo, James Bond, etc. Because in romance, love always wins. Ready for more romance in your life? Here are a few novels I recommend:. Documentary on the romance industry: Love Between the Covers. Interested in writing romance?

In addition to providing an encouraging environment for students to build relationships and get homework help, the CFI youth program works with a variety of partners to give kids opportunities to learn creative writing, dance, nutrition, guitar, auto maintenance, and much more. The Porch has been partnering with CFI since to provide poetry and fiction workshops for their middle school students.

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I also love the way that the students challenge me as a writer and a teacher. Some students have been writing with us for over two years, and they keep surprising me. They are always excited to try something new and trying to provide them with a new creative challenge every week has helped me learn a lot as well.

It has been a pleasure to watch them grow as writers and as people. There was this beautiful lion named Lionena. Lionena had more power than any other animal in the jungle, but the truth is that she has to be rude or she will be punished for the rest of her life. But people are scared of her now, because of Titi. So Lionena bit Titi, and Titi had to leave the jungle forever.

Lionena is now old and she is the most powerful and sweetest lion, and sometimes rude. Dancing Machine by Jaiden Justice. Once, there was a red wolf named El Drago. He was an endangered species. He was like the pack, but different, faster, smarter, stronger. One day, there was an ape attack on the pack and their home, so it was time for Drago to step up and prove to the pack the he was cool, but he got badly hurt, so did the ape. Finally, El Drago was the pack leader of the red wolves.

It is red like a ruby, shining like a diamond when I look at it.

It steals my soul. His newest collection, The Tradition , was released in early April. As a straight, white reader, my encounter with his poems left me wondering: Where does my opinion fit in with all of this? I realized all I could do was read the poems and pay close attention to how they made me feel. The Tradition made me feel and think deeply on the topics of racism, masculinity, and sexual identity.

Slants of Light: Stories and Poems From the Women's Writing Circle by Susan G. Weidener

Though Brown may be writing from a place that is different from my own, ultimately we are all connected, and his writing showed me that, too. The Tradition helped deepen my understanding that we are all connected as sons and daughters, siblings, victims, survivors and lovers, no matter our backgrounds and orientations.

The poems coaxed unexpected emotions out of me, and forced me to acknowledge them, even when it was uncomfortable. Later that night, he will join poet Destiny Birdsong , and musical talents Jason Eskridge and John Shakespear, to read from his new collection. The event will take place at Analog at the Hutton Hotel, and you can click here to reserve your spot. The Porch is proud to partner with the Adroit Journal to help promote its 7th annual Summer Mentorship Program for young writers. This program was created for high schoolers to experience the processes of writing, revising, and editing their creative works with the help of accomplished mentors.

Using an online platform, mentors meet weekly or bi-weekly with their students to provide individualized guidance in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. There is no formal instruction or curriculum between students and mentors, but rather a more relaxed, organic correspondence that honors the communal and collaborative nature of creative writing.

And the best part? It is completely free for all participants! Although the Summer Mentorship Program does not create a competitive atmosphere, many of its past participants have gone on to submit their writing to scholastic and international writing competitions. Students of all calibers are encouraged to participate, whether they are experiencing the writing process for the first time or refining their skills with intent to submit a piece.

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NEW Slants of Light: Stories and Poems from the Women's Writing Circle by Susan

The program begins June 23rd and concludes on August 3rd. Interested students can click here to check out the Mentorship Information Booklet, and can click here for application guidelines. As a nonprofit, The Porch relies on many different sources of funding. Thankfully, Nashville provides an engaging setting where many organizations and individuals work together, supporting one another to serve the ambitious creatives that reside here.

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The Porch recently felt the love of this community through a donation from our friends at Writt. Writt , like The Porch, exists to celebrate both written and spoken word.

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This passion was further enriched by his high school English teachers, which led him to study English at George Washington University. Afterwards, Lucas started a career as a brand consultant, but felt disconnected from his background in literature. As a response he started Writt to rekindle his own love for words, to support those who share this love, and to inspire it in others. Follow Writt. Followers are invited to participate in a weekly competition by responding to these quotes in the comment section with their own continuations or interpretations.

The catalog features clothing, accessories, coffee mugs, and phone cases, all portraying classic literary quotes. For each quote that is featured online or on its merchandise, Writt also provides free access to those texts through its website for further reading. People can participate in Writt in several ways, whether through donating, buying a cute new shirt, or simply enjoying words with a community of like-minded people. This workshop, which has been offered six times in the past three years, serves as a creative outlet for for its participants, some of whom are new to Nashville, and all of whom speak English as a second language.