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Before the Saviour returns in glory our task must be completed in dedication. Only a united church, a direct answer to the Master's earnest prayer, will accomplish our assignment. When there is harmonious action among the individual members of the church, when there is love and confidence manifested by brother to brother, there will be proportionate force and power in our work for the salvation of men. The aspostle Paul reminds us, "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another" Rom.

The members of the human body are indeed mutually dependent on one another. Independent action on the part of many members of the physical body is practically impossible. As members of the body of Christ we find ourselves in a similar situation. We must live and work togetherin unity. If we are to accomplish our mission, we must be a united church Not only a gigantic task but also an unparalleled time of trouble lies before us.

God's people will be confronted with determined opposition and fearful persecution. Outside in- fluences seeking to thwart the triumph of the cause of God will bring unprecedented pressures upon His people. Shall we not now, then, love that brother of ours who in the near future may face prison or death or worse for our mutual faith Can we hope to stand in the perilous times ahead if ill feelings and differences estrange us Only a united church will successfully survive the fierce assaults of the evil one.

Again Paul says, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus" Gal. Those who are truly connected with Him cannot be at variance with one another. His Spirit ruling in the heart will create harmony, love, and unity.

The apostle Paul joins his Master in an earnest appeal for unity in the church. Party cries that foment trouble and cliques that breed suspicion and distrust have no place in the church of God. The Spirit of Prophecy further warns that "it is not the opposition of the world' that endangers us the most; it is the evil cherished in the hearts of professed believers that works our most grievous disaster and most retards the progress of God's cause. There is no surer way of weakening our spirituality than by being envious, suspicious of one another, full of faultfinding and evil surmising.

How close and tender should be the tie that binds us together. God grant that the Saviour's prayer for unity within the church may receive a full answer soon. May we press together in a sweet and abiding fellowship as the end of all things approaches. Here the child, a bundle of curiosity and filled with the natural childish desire to handle everything, can become a dreaded nuisance.

Here, also, children can violate the "thou shalt not steal" commandment.

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If in a child's own home he is permitted to appropriate for his own use anything he can reach or touch, he is bound to consider everything "fair game" in stores and other public places. Parents who, out of a desire to solve a problem in an easier way, put out of reach or hide things they do not want their children to have, unwittingly give their children the idea that anything they can reach is theirs by way of discovery.

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I have met many children who had this idea; and they learned it at home. Parents often say, "Hide this quickly, while he's not looking. His restless acquisitiveness should have bounds. One day grandmother saw little Charlie examining a pretty, expensive vase on a small table. Come here, Charlie," I interrupted myself to say. The baby came to me, happily, confidently. I took his little hand and led him to the vase. Grandma and auntie influence of the truth of the Lord marveled at it, but it was not so Jesus Christ.

The Volusia County record ( January 2, 1904 )

We had talked of such I used to tell stories about the difthings in that way for a long time, ferent things I wanted to teach my and he understood me perfectly. I boys when they were small. Little never had to spank his hands any rhymes helped too. And he yours; was not unhappy. Keep hands away until you pay. As far as possible parents I took some children to a yardshould accompany their children to goods store one day. They had begged stores.


Children should be instructed me to take them with me. But as soon to lookyes, look all they want to as they got in the door they began to but not to touch unless they are in- chase one another all around, whirlvited to do so by the clerk. It is a part ing and flying from one aisle to anof the training of a child in the graces other. I called them to me. Here they may witness to the refining "This is a store, not a race track. You It is a pleasure for a family to go shopping with well-behaved children. I pointed out that even the manager was standing up to look.

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I showed them that a clerk nearby was watching. That is a part of growing up. You would not want to be told to get out of this store, would you" The child considered. A group of teen-agers came in. They were around 14 or 15 years old. There were both girls and boys, and they filled about three tables. I noted that the girls who waited tables were very nervous, and one called the manager.

He came out, very angry.

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It was a hot day, and they seemed to want a cool drink or some ice cream, but their bad behavior had closed at least one door. It took a long time to clean up after them. The essential, enduring education is that which broadens the sympathies and encourages universal kindliness. That socalled culture which does not make a youth deferential toward his parents, appreciative of their excellences, forbearing toward their defects, and helpful to their necessities; which does not make him considerate and tender, generous and helpful toward the young, the old, and the unfortunate, and courteous toward all is a failure.

Let us, then, as Christians teach our children the refining nature of real religion. Manners for Children These books are made of big loose-leaf note paper, obtained at a five-and-ten-cent store. On the first page of each book are written the names of their father and mother, the dates of their birth, and their birthplace. Then the names of their sisters and brothers, and their grandparents, and their birth dates and places of birth.

Mary and Frank think it is good to know about their relatives. They use one sheet of paper each Sabbath. For one Sabbath they made a list of 20 things they saw on their way to Sabbath school. That required sharp eyes and a good memory. Then they wrote about one thing that interested them the most in Sabbath school that morning. W On the other side of the page they prepared an outline of the church service, the songs, the speaker's name, and as much as they could remember of the sermon. They also copied one stanza of the hymn they liked best that they sang that morning, with the names of the author and the composer.

In this way Mary and Frank are becoming familiar with many wonderful hymns. For another Sabbath, on one page they recorded the names of the birds they saw on the way to Sabbath school. They wrote what they knew about one of the birds, its color, what it eats, and how it helps us. The other side of the sheet was given to the church service. For the next Sabbath they wrote the names of the trees that they saw on the way to Sabbath school, and told what they could about one tree, its leaves, blossoms, fruit, and its use.

There was a picture page for one Sabbath, showing an attractive picture of some bird, flower, tree, Bible picture, or a scene. One side of the page for each Sabbath was filled with a variety of interesting thingsflowers, animals, pets, stories, or poems. The other side was always kept for the record of the church service, its songs, speaker, sermon, and special features. Mary is now eight years old and Frank is ten. They have become good listeners in the church service. In these Sabbath books Mary and Frank have quite a variety of delightful and valuable information.

Then, too, these Sabbath books are kept for the Sabbath day only. The children do not even peep at them on any other day of the week; so they always seem fresh and new to them. Other boys and girls have learned about this idea of Sabbath books and are now enjoying them as much as Mary and Frank. Wouldn't you like to join the widening circle Whose Peace Corps President Kennedy's Peace Corps is currently the United States' best-foot-forward in a world tired of "ugly Americans" and sated with foreign-aid dollars.

Of all the gambits tried by the new administration during its first year to get traffic moving into "the New Frontier" and to capture the popular imagination, both at home and abroad, none has succeeded half so well as the Peace Corps. Newsweek columnist Kenneth Crawford on December 25 wrote "There have been no real innovations except the Peace Corps," and a Corps official boasted that it "is really the only thing new on the whole New Frontier. In effect, Peace Corps personnel are technical-know-how missionaries, serving under Director R.

Sargent Shriver, brother-in-law to the President. Their skills range all the way from laying bricks in Pakistan to planting crops on the island of Santa Lucia; from surveying for a mammoth new highway project in Tanganyika to supervising bridge construction in Colombia and to teaching English in the Philippine Islands, Ghana, or India. This peopleto-people foreign-aid program, in addition to sharing American skills with the newly developing nations, is expected to win friends for America and to influence "uncommitted" peoples the world around.

Our acapellas list

It was so good an idea, in fact, that before the Peace Corps was more than a paper organization the Catholic hierarchy in the United States set out to capture as much of it as possible for the church by setting up church agencies to sponsor Peace Corps operations. It was proposed, also, that in order for the program to succeed in Latin America, all Peace Corps missionaries to that part of the world should be Catholics. When Corpsmen began operating in at least one South American country their activities were so closely identified with the Catholic Church that many people believed they were working for the church, not the United States.

This belief was confirmed in people's minds by the following notation on bags of surplus wheat from the United States currently being distributed in that country by church agencies "Donated by the people of the United States under the Kennedy Catholic aid program.

But by mid-December it had begun to appear that the 12 Peace Corps stood to lose from its unofficial alliance with the church, and Director Shriver ordered that church agencies no longer be accepted as operating partners. America for January 13 commented on the order with "considerable disappointment," in the fear that "the maximum efficiency of the Peace Corps" was being "jeopardized by petty squabbles over separation of Church and State" and in the hope that "time may modify the decision of the director. The million Roman Catholics of Latin America represent a little more than one third of all Catholics in the world, yet increasing numbers of them pay only lip service to their faith, and in country after country the church admits that only about one person out of ten is a practicing Catholic.

Within the past two years the Vatican has set up special machinery to recapture the allegiance of the nominal Catholics of Latin America, and the hierarchy in the United States has embarked on extraordinary procedures in a massive attempt to make the program effective.

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