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By this time, we've been waiting hours. The parents are forced to stand outside in the heat. Tempers are rising with the temperature and we watch a few parents force their way through to find their kids. We also see the community rallying around and arriving with cold bottles of water and big hugs for the waiting parents. I'm on the phone as another bus passes us, Kenny heads to the back of the building again.

The next thing I see is him walking towards me with Isabelle. Finally, I get to hold my baby as we both cry and I try not to notice the blood on her. School shootings so common Santa Fe student felt 'eventually it would happen here, too'. As we see the media arriving, we hurry her to the car and head home. We get out of the car and Isabelle turns to me crying and saying I'm so sorry! I'm completely confused and she says I'm sorry for calling and upsetting you! I can only close my eyes and think about this child who is still worrying about others after the traumatic experience she just experienced.

I assure her that she did everything right and try to get her to go inside. There are only Kam and my mom waiting inside; but, she is too overwhelmed to even see anyone. She hugs her grandma, decides to change her clothes, and heads upstairs almost immediately. As we're sitting upstairs, she's clearly in shock looking around the room blankly until she glances down.

As Holocaust survivors grow older, activists keep their stories alive

She looks at me and says We hold her until she calms down and convince her to change clothes. Kam is trying to get near her and she's just too hyper sensitive to have anyone around. We're trying to soothe her as Kam walks back into the room with tears in his eyes. I leave Isabelle with Kenny and go to him as he starts crying and telling me he just found out his best friend was one of the children who died. I now have two children crying and we are helpless and can do nothing but hold them and try to make them feel loved and safe.

I glance down and notice my foot is bleeding. I have no idea what I've done or when it happened, as I don't even feel it. Kam heads off for time alone and we stay with Isabelle while she begins to calm down. We're thanking God our child is home and then she begins to talk I can only say that I'm so glad we didn't know what was going on while we were waiting She arrived at school and headed to her first period, Art.

She loves this class and was excited to finish her year end project. As she focused on the project, the first shot barely registers and she isn't sure what she heard.

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Suddenly, the kids start screaming and running. The gunman enters their room from the classroom next door and fires a shot that grazes one girl and hits a boy in the classroom. She said everything happened so fast and everyone is panicking and running around the room. There's a door at the back of the room to which the kids are running Seeing the kids turning back from the door, she immediately starts running towards items to hide behind. She's moving from item to item as the gunman continues to fire into the classroom.

She is now covered in dust from the bullets hitting the walls around her. She finally runs for the supply closet where she and 6 other kids hide. They are able to lock one door and begin blocking the other door as another girl runs into the closet with them. As they are moving heavy items in front of the door, the gunman screams The gunman hits 3 of the 8 kids in the closet He leaves to chase other kids who ran out of the room and they hear more gun shots.

Letters to my Mother: a survivors story

Then he comes back. By this time, Isabelle has called the police and is whispering into the phone. They tell her to stay quiet and that help is on the way. Then silence on the phone. They hear the gunman in the classroom next door yelling Woo Hoo! She hangs up and calls the police back to be told that they are entering the premises and to stay quiet and keep hiding. Then she hears only silence again. The gunman then comes back into their room and they hear him saying Then more shots are fired.

By this time, cell phones all over the classroom are ringing and he's taunting the kids in the closet asking them Then he proceeds to fire more bullets into the closet and tries to get in. She calls the police again and they tell her they are headed towards their classroom. After another minutes, the police arrive outside the classroom. By this time, she has been laying on the floor for over 30 min next to her deceased classmates.

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They listen to the exchange between the gunman and the police, as they can hear him reloading his weapon. Finally, the gunman surrenders and police take him into custody. As the door to the closet opens, she is staring at guns pointed at her. They are instructed to put their hands ups and slowly leave the closet. As they are leaving the closet, they are walking past bodies in the classroom and hallways. They are frisked and removed from the building where they are placed in police cars awaiting questioning. At this point, she makes the call to us that we received while walking towards the school.

Finally, they get her on a bus where the bus driver is asking her if she knows anything about her own daughter, who Isabelle had seen on the floor as she walked through the classroom. This wonderful woman did everything she could to make Isabelle feel safe while not knowing the status of her own child. As the afternoon progresses, her phone is going crazy with students reaching out to one another. The kids are sharing about what they saw and who had been injured and transported to the hospital.

One friend who ran from the gunman tells them there was more than one gunman, although we've not heard this again in the media. It's at this time that I notice she is agitated and I look at her phone. Unbelievably, other students are bullying her on social media. Blaming her for not trying to do more to save her classmates, calling her a liar about what happened, etc.

I tell her it's time to shut off social media and put the phone away.

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She is now glued to the TV and my niece, Savannah, is on her way over to be with her cousins. Every noise makes her jump and sounds are triggering reactions. She's our shadow. Isabelle becomes more and more upset over the TV, as they are interviewing people that weren't in the area where the gunman was and they are reporting incorrect information. She tells me that she has been contacted by the Washington Post and wants to let them interview her.

Now, you have to remember, this is our extremely shy child and my only thought is to protect my child.

We talk about it and I explain that while some may feel better sharing their story, others do not. She is insistent that she share her experience so that people know what happened. Within the hour, we have a reporter and cameraman in our home. They were so polite and careful with her. We're finishing up the interview and I look down and notice that I never even wiped the blood off my foot. How 'thoughts and prayers' went from common condolence to cynical meme.

We turn our phones back on and are being bombarded with calls and texts. Wendy calls as her friend's son was shot and in surgery. Steven calls from out of town to check on everyone and ask if we know anything about a foreign exchange student his friend is hosting.

What It’s Like To Lose Someone To Suicide

My niece, Savannah, has come over to be with her cousins. Gregory is now at the house. Our family calls asking if we know anything about the kid's cousin. By early evening, the families of missing kids are still waiting for news. Which, he asks, is the greater tranquilliser — the way we insist always on looking backwards or our obsession with buying stuff? But to go back to our postman. Getting off his bike, he approaches a vent that pokes from the ground like the periscope of a submarine.

ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/302040-best-mobile.php This is providing air to a family living below: a couple and their two children. The postman has no choice but to read the letter he is carrying out loud to them — the father of the family attaches a cone of paper to the bottom of the vent to amplify his voice — and this he now duly does.

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Like all the missives he will subsequently deliver, it contains painful memories of the past — of all the things now lost to the human race — some of which come in the form of parodies of popular genres of writing the murder mystery, the fairytale. But such distraction does them no good. This is a book whose relative brevity and outward simplicity may, on a first reading, obscure its deep philosophical richness.

It is, somehow, so incredibly French and all the better for it. To order a copy go to guardianbookshop.