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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

I always enjoy getting lost in an Anita Blake book. I was particularly happy that we were back in St. Unless at least one of the major cast members comes along, I never really enjoy the out-of-town books as much. My favorite quote: Part of a conversation between Anita and Jean-Claude.

They value their ideal of freedom beyond anything the rest of us would dream of. The world leaders, and military, would never allow such conquest now. I laughed. The cover is prettier than some of the recent covers. I like the text in the background, and I like the blue that dominates the color scheme. Unfortunately, the single page error I passed onto Laurell on April 22nd wasn't corrected.

On page of the hardcover Vivian is referred to as Vanessa twice. View all 33 comments. Jun 11, Megan Dolle-blaisdell rated it did not like it. I have read this series 3 times. This book I could barely tolerate.

They've been going steadily downhill, but I think we finally crashed. First, we get that Anita is a tiny little he woman badass. Swat trusts her, her men trust her, the community trusts her, the vamps fear her. She's a dwarf with an attitude. For 21 books, LKH beats it in our head that tiny little Anita does the work of a whole squadron while managing to screw 20 men and now 1 woman. She does not Ok She does not speak guy.

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LOL I actually laughed out loud when she asks why times and then the next paragraph it's all about how she speaks guy and could finish the conversation with a nod. No, only toddlers say why 6 times then get bored, nod, and walk away Thirdly, who interrupts sex to think to hard about not loving someone!? In the middle of screwing Nicky she starts thinking about not loving him like her other men. Get over it and STFU! Don't screw all of these poor bastards then.

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Let them have a life away from you! And last but not least If I read one more page about how blue everything is- jc's eyes, Asher's eyes, sin's eyes, the pajamas, the robe, Jason and his eyes. Or how long and curly everyone's hair is, or how blonde Nicky, devil, envy, pride's hair is, or Nathaniel's hair that is dragging on the floor?

I will claw out my own eyeballs. LKH is seeming bored with Anita because every book is the same as the next. This one had zero plot, tons of angst and why's and drama with lovers, and it was totally over done. She is really getting bad about repeating herself. I think in this book se talked about Nicky losing his eye twice at different settings and Cynric not liking his name 50 times.

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I'm done ranting. But this was a trainwreck. Mar 27, Liv rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Shelves: pnr , junk. Reading this book was akin to watching a train wreck. I could see it coming but I couldn't stop it. After the last book, Hit List, I thought LKH redeemed the series somewhat by allowing Anita to do some "real" detective work, instead of engaging herself in countless, non-sensical sex with her lovers.

When I found out that there was to be a new Anita Blake novel, I was very skeptical.

Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Novels) by K. Hamilton, Laurell The

I thought the series could have ended with Hit List. But no, Ms. LKH decided to milk this series some more. Kiss of the Dead had a minimal plot if existent at all and had practically no substance to the overall story. Anita was asked to help with the rescue of a teenage girl who was abducted by a group of vampires.

She worked with the special police unit called RPIT its full name escapes me to hunt and interrogate the vampires apprehended. And then story got stuck with Anita trying to solve the drama occurring in her personal life, and it didn't proceed any further until the end, when the bad vampires were caught and once again Anita saved the day. That was it folks. I kid you not.

Anita Blake & Her Men

Everything in between the summary above was pure waste of space. The story was told from Anita's point of view, as usual. The majority of the book was filled with Anita's monologues in her head. All she ever thought about was her men how hot they were , how she would have been happier if she could lose some lovers since there wasn't enough of her to go around , and the fact that she had become one of the "monsters", blah blah blah.

In between, the book was all about Anita seeing her men and having sex - lots of it. Yup, there you have it.

Kiss the Dead book by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita and sex with her men portrayed in the usual way. There was a lot of screaming and writhing - to this day I wondered if LKH could get a little more creative than "writhe" - there's got to be other words - to describe Anita's gigantic orgasms. Seriously, repeatedly reading descriptions of how wet and tight she was, and how she loved to scream and writhe when she spilled over the edge, was getting really old and boring. Though honestly speaking, it could be viewed as comical and entertaining, because it was the same old thing, over and over again. There was absolutely no advancement of the entire series after this book.

Anita didn't really improve or resolve anything, really. There was hardly any character development, other than that we saw some growth in Cynric a. Sin , the youngest lover that Anita ever collected. She did not resolve any of the emotional conflicts she had with her lovers - the drama continued and was not much different than how it was 2 or 3 books ago. The central conflict in this story was laughable at best. And let me reiterate again, she had lots of sex - boring, but somewhat comical, sex.

That pretty much summed up my review and impression of this book. It lacked purpose, plot, and substance.